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Smilestones Family Dentistry

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After losing a tooth, or teeth, you need to have a replacement. We provide single or multiple tooth replacements.


Partial dentures are used when you have one or more teeth in your upper or lower jaw.  They are removable and comprise of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. Using a bridge, which is fixed and permanent, crowns are placed on either side of the space with artificial teeth attached to them and a metal framework holds the partial denture in place. 

Partials are important because by filling in the spaces left by missing teeth, they prevent the remaining teeth from changing position over time.

Complete Dentures

After gum tissue has healed, and about 8-12 weeks after teeth have been removed, a complete denture can be placed in the mouth.

Immediate dentures can be made in advance and positioned immediately after tooth removal so that there is a seamless transition and no time when you are without your smile. They require more adjustments to fit properly while healing and should be a temporary solution.

Conventional dentures are best used once bones and gums have shrunk after healing. From a series of jaw impressions and measurements, a cast of the final denture is made. We then make adjustments as necessary to ensure you have the best and most comfortable smile possible.